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Zamek Książ

Ksiaz is often called ‘the Pearl of Lower Silesia’ or ‘the Fairytale Castle’. It is the biggest castle in this region and the third biggest in Poland. It is located in the Ksiaz Landscape Park, built on a rock cliff by the side of the Pelcznica river, beautifully surrounded by the forest. Castles of this dimension are rarely built in such locations. The castle has over 400 rooms. Built in the 13th century, the object had many owners over the centuries, including the Polish king Władyslaw Jagiellonczyk. From the 16th century up until the World War II, the castle belonged to Hochberg family that renovated and modernized it, for example created the impressive French gardens. In 1943 Hitler’s paramilitary organization stormed into the Castle to establish quarters for Adolf Hitler. Due to numerous renovations, the castle represents different architectual styles, such as gothic, reneissance, baroque and rococo.