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Zalipie – a unique village 100 kilometres east of Krakow where folk art is still alive and visible around every corner. The village is known for its long-lasting tradition of painting cottages, barns, wells and also interiors with colourful floral motifs, crepe-paper flowers, paper-cut designs and hay spiders. This tradition has existed in the Powisle Dabrowskie region since the end of the 19th century. Flowers were also painted on external walls of cottages and farm buildings, fences and even kennels. There are now around 20 painted houses in Zalipie. The most famous example of this original folk artwork is the homestead of Felicia Curyłowa (currently a branch of the District Museum of Tarnow), a Zalipie painter, whose works were known already in the interwar period. During our tour, you will get to see a number of decorated houses, a local church, a museum and a small shop with unique hand-made souvenirs.